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Temporary Staffing


Before providing any services, we will meet with clients, attend to their needs, and thoroughly comprehend them. We do not make it a practise to make promises that we are unable to keep in order to purchase a company.

Instead, we adhere to the philosophy of cultivating an honest and forthright connection with our clients from the very beginning of our business partnership. This strategy has been fairly fruitful for both our company and our consumers. Our clients have faith in us when we say we will deliver because of our candour.

Lilly Healthcare Services is the appropriate agency if you are looking for one that will eliminate the hassle, time, and expense associated with locating impermanent personnel. When you collaborate with us, we will work tirelessly to meet your needs so that you can focus on your core business instead of spending hours on the phone attempting to locate individuals.

Our Recruitment Process

We begin by ensuring that we have a clear understanding of your needs before beginning the process of locating and assessing prospective individuals.

We meticulously evaluate all applicants to guarantee that only the most qualified candidates are selected for each job.

All candidates undergo a thorough telephone screening before we present them to an employer, and (if one is available) a face-to-face interview follows.

Every candidate is subjected to a reference check before being assigned a job or put in a position.

Following the placement of an application, we do frequent follow-up with both customers and applicants to guarantee client and employee satisfaction.


We have heard it all and would want to discover how we can help, regardless of the type of establishment, place of operation, or skill required!

It all starts with a chat, so please share some information with us as well as the ideal time to contact you directly to get the process moving.

We’ll work tirelessly to find the best individuals for your organisation’s needs.



Looking for work?

Lilly Healthcare has the greatest healthcare vacancies.

As a temporary employment option, we understand that shifting to a new career can be thrilling. You need information when keeping your ear to the ground for prospective possibilities, and we agree.