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We will put you in touch with the most qualified applicants. From the first search to the final screening, you can count on us to provide you with the most qualified staff for your business.

We make it a point to collaborate with only the most qualified individuals in the industry, and we only recommend candidates to our customers who we are confident will fulfil all of their prerequisites.


We make the process of looking for work less difficult for you. We assist individuals in obtaining amazing employment, whether it is temporary or permanent, which helps them increase their career chances. We will ensure that you are placed in the position that is most appropriate for you, regardless of the skills and certifications you possess.

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Lilly Healthcare Services

We are a healthcare recruitment and staffing firm with years of experience, and as such, we have the knowledge and resources necessary to discover the optimal solution for your staffing and recruitment requirements.

We have a database that is brimming with qualified healthcare professionals who are ready to work in a variety of roles, including those of nurses, support workers, and culinary staff.

Candidates are provided with training as well as certification by our skilled recruiters. Your demands, whether they be for contract work or full-time employment, will be handled with quality.

Our healthcare recruitment firm is dedicated to assisting in the growth of your company and will work together with you to provide high-quality solutions to address the specific staffing difficulties you have.

Our services are comprehensive, including all levels of the workforce, and we are professionals in offering permanent and temporary recruitment solutions across the entirety of the healthcare business. The following types of customers make up the bulk of our clientele:

  • Nursing and residential care home groups
  • NHS
  • Private hospitals¬†
  • Mental health organisations
  • Supported living providers
  • Prisons
  • Private Homes
  • Home care providers

Because of our proactive strategy, the search campaigns that we perform are thorough. As a result, whenever there is a vacancy, the appropriate candidate will be found to fill it.

We have openings in the following departments:

  • Registered general nurses
  • Support Workers
  • Mental health nurses
  • Carers
  • Approved Mental Health Practitioners
  • Nurse Associates
  • Contact Supervisor
  • Theatre Technicians
  • Kitchen staff
  • Cleaners
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Hospital and Theatre Potters


Begin staffing your healthcare facility with qualified staff.



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As a temporary employment option, we understand that shifting to a new career can be thrilling. You need information when keeping your ear to the ground for prospective possibilities, and we agree.