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We are here to help whether you are looking for a Live-in carer, visiting carer or our bespoke care package, we can assist you through the process.

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Looking for home care can be a very daunting task in selecting a care provider for you and your loved one. Our Assessment team have been carefully trained to deal with you compassionately in order to take the stress out by offering you a free no-obligation assessment so that you have an accurate quotation of how much it cost to provide your care

Our Packages

Lilly Healthcare Services delivers a range of home care services from companionship and right through to 24/7 care and support throughout the year. Please browse through our homecare services below:

Live-in care

Lilly Healthcare Carer will move in with you to help you with your daily tasks and care need. Through our assessment with you and your family, we will put a unique package of support in place and carefully match you with a well trained and experienced Carer who is DBS checked and will match you personality wise. Your Carer will support you with daily tasks such as personal care, medication support, preparation of meals, light household duties, collection of pension, shopping etc. Your carer will have an agreed length of time to work each day. Our Live-in care service will give the reassurance of knowing that there is another person in your home who is able to assist you in case of any unforeseen need or emergency.

We are here to help you, call us today and we can discuss your Live-in care options.

Domiciliary care

Our domiciliary care allows you or your loved one to continue to stay at the comfort of your home whilst getting ongoing support that is built around your needs and routine. Get reassurance and support gained from having your Carer come to your home. The length of support starts from one (1) hour  to several hours a day and the number of visits depends on your care needs.

Your Care and Support might be met by a morning, midday or evening visits:
Morning visit: Your Carer next to you from the moment you start your day. Your Carer will assist you with getting out of bed, making breakfast and getting you reading for the day.

Afternoon visit: Your Carer will help you with your afternoon activities such as meal preparation, shopping, going to social events or light housework.

Evening visit: Your carer will support you with your evening routine ensuring uptake of meals, dinner preparation, support with medication,  and  getting ready for bed.

Respite care

Our Respite services is structured to provide flexibility to care workers when they take a break or vacation. We have a team ready and in place to fill in their regular duties when your Carer is unavailable. This short stay can be between a week or four weeks. You or your loved one will continue to benefit from the same level of quality care and support as from your Primary care givers.

We have two types of Respite Services:

Live-in Care: a temporary care option which provides your loved one with 24-hour care throughout the day and night.

Visiting Care: A care visits you when you need help most throughout the day as per your care plan to care & support, helping with daily tasks

Social Support and Companionship

Lilly Healthcare Services can provide you with a friendly Carer if you are struggling with your daily tasks of running your home or feeling lonely. Our aim is to match you with a Carer with similar personality and interest as you or your loved one so that you can develop genuine friendship and trust. Some of the activities our Companionship service include are:  arrangement and accompanying to appointments, help with travel arrangements, help with entertaining friends or family and reminiscing of past memories. Companionship allows you to regain or enable your independence by getting out in the community and boosting your self-esteem.

Our Process

Steps from initial contact to getting your Carer

Stage 1

Get in touch: 

You can get hold of us by either calling on the office number or filling our website form. Also, you can email us on (company’s email) and we will respond within 24 hours.

Stage 2

Care Assessment

Our Assessment team will come to evaluate your care needs at your home. A tailored care plan will be structured to suit your needs.

Stage 3

Carer Chosen and Care Starts

You will be matched with a well-qualified Carer to help you live comfortably in your home.

Stage 4

Monitoring and Evaluation

After you and your Carer have settled in, our Team will continuously check in regularly to make sure we are providing the best care for you.